Keeping full control of heavy loads. Schmidbauer has the ideal mobile cranes for all applications:
  • Mini cranes (up to 12 tons)
  • Truck-mounted loading-cranes
  • All-terrain cranes (up to 800 tons)
  • Mobile construction cranes
  • Crawler cranes (up to 1,350 tons)
When it comes to moving extremely large loads Schmidbauer is your first choice because we keep focused and ensure everything remains on track.

Our transport logistics services include:
  • Heavy haulage
  • Freight brokerage
  • Transformers transportation
  • Support system
  • Storage
The sense for precision is firmly ingrained in Schmidbauer - an attribute that is particularly important when transporting extremely heavy loads to millimetre accuracy. Our experienced team of experts and our own transport and logistics departments will guide your project to success – even under the most difficult conditions.
When lifting and transporting heavy loads, not only the concept but also the responsibility for all processes are important. As a leading system service provider, Schmidbauer covers the entire value chain. In addition to our core services, we also provide many other additional services – our Performance Plus.
Schmidbauer is not only a leading system service provider for safe lifting and transport, as a partner to the construction industry, we are also a co-designer of future-oriented infrastructure. Whether buildings or traffic routes – wherever we are involved we create innovative opportunities that help reinforce economic growth. 

Our services for the energy sector cover the entire planning process right through to implementation. Whether from the construction of wind farms or offshore projects – Schmidbauer is once again a competent partner, both throughout Germany and in other European countries.

Where exceptional conditions prevail, we are in our element. Complete security and strict compliance with international quality standards  form the basis of our work: an assurance that our clients in the chemical industry continue to enjoy.
We support challenging mechanical and plant engineering industry projects by providing step by step detailed planning through to smooth implementation. We have been servicing this market for years and there is still room to grow.

Our performance plus

When full support gives you unlimited peace of mind

When lifting and moving heavy loads, not only the concept but also the responsibility for all processes are important. As a leading system service provider, Schmidbauer covers the entire value chain - regionally and internationally. As part of our customer-oriented and full-service concept, we ensure in advance that every operation is structured and predictable. 
Our technical field staff inspect on-site conditions and then alongside with engineers we plan and design the optimal and most economical solutions for exemplary implementation.


Put your trust in our strategic methods and integrated approach. Our complementary services are included in all relevant aspects of your projecs.
  • Individual consultation and assessment by the appropriate expert
  • Additional verification by our technical field service
  • Project-planning (crane and transport studies) with CAD and simulated crane applications
  • Route-planning for special haulage
  • Realisation of transport and special permits
  • Traffic control measures, signage and barrier services
  • On site operations management if requested
  • Safety training for instructors and coordinators
  • Logistics and warehousing

Additional services that prepare the way:

Schmidbauer also makes rough areas easily accessible by offering the right equipment for every task on all terrain, including:

Lifting platforms • Telescopic forklifts • Site equipment • Lifting tackle • Special crossheads • Lifters •  Castors • Mobile driveways • Driving plates • Moor tyres • Bongossi mats • Test weights